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Oct. 3, 2019

Maple Ridge, British Columbia High School Guide [2019]

high schools in maple ridge bc

Highschools in Maple Ridge, BC.

Deciding where your child receives their education is an important choice for many parents. Education lays the foundation for the future, preparing children for professional and personal achievements. Here is an overview of the Highschools in Maple Ridge, B.C.

Rich in history and natural beauty, Maple Ridge is nestled in the northern section of Greater Vancouver between the mountain summits of Golden Ears and the Fraser River. A city of approximately 83,000 residents, Maple Ridge is a blend of natural scenery with modern amenities. The downtown core, known as Haney, is full of dining, retail, entertainment and culture.

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1. Thomas Haney Secondary School

23000 - 116th Street, Maple Ridge, BC V2X OT8

thomas haney secondary school maple ridge bc

Home to over 1,100 students, Thomas Haney Secondary School in Maple Ridge, BC follows the self-directed model that is part of The Canadian Coalition of Self-Directed Learning. The school aims to allow its students to develop their skills and interests while actively guiding and assisting them as they learn.

A model that has gained international interest, the Self-Directed Learning method puts the responsibility on the students to organize their time and workload.

Along with the traditional studies, Thomas Haney offers a variety of courses - language, dance, photography, cooking, auto, textile and woodworking - allowing students to follow their passions and further develop their skills.

Students are able to gain credit through unique courses like yoga or through the equestrian academy. They can also apply to “work-from-home” one day a week for certain classes.

Understanding the importance of support, Thomas Haney offers a wide range of student assistance programs. There are two full time counsellors on staff as well as a child care worker and an aboriginal worker.

The extracurricular activities and athletics programs at Thomas Haney allow for students to fully immerse themselves in the highschool experience. Sports programs such as hockey, rugby, swimming, track and field, golf, mountain biking, soccer, weightlifting, field hockey and E-sports are just some of the teams students are able to join.

Thomas Haney Secondary School is home to the Sightlines Theatre Company and Raving Thespians Theatresports Team. Not only do they put on a feature production annually, they also hold a director’s festival and often a children’s production for nearby elementary schools.

It’s not hard to understand why students are thriving at Thomas Haney Secondary School. A unique learning atmosphere coupled with giving student empowerment to follow their interests has proven to be a successful method. Provincial exam grades are routinely above the average rate. Thomas Haney also has a 93% graduation rate compared to the provincial average of 81.1%.

2. Maple Ridge Secondary School

21911 - 122nd Street, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3X2

maple ridge secondary school

Maple Ridge Secondary School offers high school level courses for English or French immersion students. There is even a late french immersion program available for those looking to complete garibaldi their French immersion education.

The school offers its students the option of advanced placement courses, honours courses and second languages such as German, Japanese and Spanish.

Classes are technology supported with iPad carts and state-of-the-art labs allowing students access to all the tools needed to support their success.

Maple Ridge Secondary School is known around the city and province for its impressive Digital Arts Academy. Students are able to earn certificates in one of seven areas of digital artwork production. The options include 3D modeling, special effects for film, photoshop, website design, and sound engineering, among others.

Maple Ridge Secondary places heavy emphasis on developing each child’s skills and talents. In doing so they offer a large number of courses from technical skills to music and arts. Classes include cooking in the professional standards teaching kitchen, woodworking, automotive technology, metal fabrication, drafting and design as well as human and family studies.

Understanding that high school is more than just credits and classes, Maple Ridge is home to a number of extracurricular programs and sports teams. Among these are aquatics, ball hockey, basketball, cheerleading, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer and golf. Clubs, groups and bands also thrive at Maple Ridge Secondary winning a number of awards and competitions.

Ensuring each student feels sufficiently support throughout their time at Maple Ridge, the school employs full-time counsellors, an aboriginal counselor, and a youth worker. Peer-to-peer tutoring and traditional tutors ensure each student is equipped for success.

3. Garibaldi Secondary School

24789 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, BC V4R 1X2

garibaldi secondary school maple ridge

Garibaldi Secondary School currently serves 1,040 students in the Maple Ridge area. The school is the only one in Maple Ridge that is an International Baccalaureate World School for the IB Diploma Programme.

The IB program, which was developed out of Geneva, Switzerland, is widely recognized by universities around the world. The program is available for interested students in grades 11 and 12.

Garibaldi Secondary School also offers the option of distance studies and online learning and has been a part of the Connected Learning Community (CLC) from the beginning. Students from across the province are able to learn via online courses and video lessons from teachers.

Along with their extensive academic courses, Garibaldi Secondary also offers skilled technology and trade programs. Students can try their hand at a number of different professions and further develop their interest and talents in these areas.

The school's fine arts program includes classes in music, art, and drama. The fine arts department has recently expanded adding acting/film and multiple visual arts courses. The technical program offers woodworking, automotive, and drafting. Keeping up with the ever changing technology sector is important to Garibaldi, therefore they offer students a business and information technology program focusing on classes such as economics, business computer applications, marketing and information technology.

For students wanting to make the most of their high school experience, Garibaldi Secondary School also has a wide range of extracurriculars, clubs, teams and groups. Interested parties can join a number of teams including, volleyball, soccer, aquatics, basketball, wrestling or gymnastics to name a few.

Groups at the school are diverse and aim to include all students. Rebels for a Cause, Multicultural Club and Model UN are just a handful of the ways students can get involved.

Knowing that education doesn’t end upon graduation, Garibaldi aims to provide its students with the best resources and guidance for their next stage of life. Career counselling, post secondary selection and general guidance are all readily available throughout the year.

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4. Samuel Robertson Technical

10445 - 245th Street, Maple Ridge, BC V2W 2G4

samuel robertson technical school maple ridge

With roughly 785 students in attendance, Samuel Robertson Technical school in Maple Ridge, BC places a heavy emphasis on technology along with the traditional curriculum.

Offering students a wide variety of course routes that best suit their future goals, SRT has junior honours programs, senior university entrance courses, engineering and gifted learning.

Their Microsoft IT Academy draws attention from all over. Combined with a state of the art library, computer labs, media and research center, Samuel Roberston Technical Secondary is the perfect place for technically minded students. The school has its own broadcasting center, as well as high-tech engineering courses.

For those geared more towards the arts programs, Samuel Robertson Technical seamlessly blends the two. Their comprehensive fine arts studies offer a chance for students to participate in drama, theatre and music through their “School of Rock” program.

Samuel Robertson Technical boasts a wide variety when it comes to athletics. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, track and field, and field hockey are just some of the team's students can join. The school also has a large gymnasium, separate weight room and a turf field.

Dubbed a “full service neighborhood school”, SRT ensures that each and every student feels supported during their years of study. Full time counsellors, aboriginal counsellors and youth workers are all available on staff to assist with questions, concerns and issues that may arise.

5. Westview Secondary School

20905 Wicklund Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 8E8

westview secondary school maple ridge

Westview Secondary School in Maple Ridge, BC currently provides education to approximately 765 students. They offer a wide variety of course options including university preparation, honours programs and workplace prep.

Regardless of your interests, Westview Secondary School’s broad range of programs allows students to explore different avenues of study. A Microsoft IT Academy, BCIT Automotive Service Technician partnership, or in-house and on-field Soccer Academy are just some of the options available.

At a junior level programs such as foods, textile, information technology, woodwork, metalwork and general technology are available. Extensions of these programs are offered at a senior level and include, carpentry and joinery, marketing, film and television and business computer applications.

Unique programs that Westview Secondary allows its students to study include Criminology, Psychology, Social Justice and World Justice.

The physical education department at Westview Secondary School proudly offers a full service weight room, first class gymnasium and even yoga classes. Some of the athletics programs available for participation are soccer, rugby, basketball, badminton, track and field, wrestling and many more.

Westview Secondary School aims to make each student feel welcome and supported on their educational journey. Programs such as peer to peer tutoring and peer leadership, along with counsellors, aboriginal counsellors, and youth workers are all available to provide guidance and assistance.

Regardless of which high school best suits your child's needs, the schools in Maple Ridge offer unique programs, excellent

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Aug. 30, 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Living In Maple Ridge, BC [2019]

Maple Ridge is a city located in the beautiful lower mainland of British Columbia. More specifically, it’s located in the North-Eastern portion of the Greater Vancouver Area. Positioned between Golden Ears and the Fraser River, Golden Ears is the summit just north of Maple Ridge and is home to Golden Ears Provincial Park

A guide to living and moving to maple ridge bc

The last recorded population was 82,256 in 2016, but the current estimated population in Maple Ridge is just over 88,000 people.

The History of Maple Ridge, BC

In the mid-1850s, settlers from Hawaii, referred to as Kanakas, came to Maple Ridge. They became employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company. 

History of Maple Ridge

The first settler was from Scotland, named Samuel Robertson. John McIvor, also from Scotland, was the first landowner in Maple Ridge. He arrived in Fort Churchill at just 19 years old by supply ship. He and his friend Kenneth Morrison started the 1400km trek by snow-shoe and canoed up to Maple Ridge. Along their route, First Nations people saved them from freezing and starvation.

Several neighborhoods in Maple Ridge are rooted in their history, like Port Haney, which is a heritage district that was created to protect the buildings from the past. Port Haney is named after Thomas Haney. The house he, Samuel Edge, and Daniel Callaghan built is now the Haney House Museum. It was built in 1883, and his descendants continued to live in the home until the late 1970s. The last descendant, Mary Hawley Isaac, donated the land and house to the District of Maple Ridge. And in 1981, it was opened to the public as the Hanley House Museum. 

Port Hanley also offers a heritage walk, which is a self-guided tour that is open year-round to the public. It takes visitors along the Fraser River to visit the historical sites of this community.

Real Estate Market in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is an extremely sought-after community. The average home price is just over $830,000 in the market as a whole, but in August 2019, the average price was just over $602,000. There are currently over 6 600 properties on the market all across Maple Ridge. 

Maple Ridge Real Estate

Residents in Maple Ridge get to enjoy the best of all worlds - breathtaking nature views, historical sites and heritage, and modern conveniences with a focus on supporting the local businesses. 

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Maple Ridge are Whonnock, Ruskin and Webster’s Corner, Haney, Yennadon and Silver Valley. 


Whonnock lies in the eastern end of the city and is home to a lot of rural lands, including fruit farms, lumber mills, and lumber yards. Many residents own horses and other livestock, making this area of the city ideal for those who are looking for that rural paradise. Whonnock offers an array of nature activities, including hiking, fishing, and Whonnock Lake. There are 17 historical sites, including the 1937-built Whonnock General Store. 

View homes for sale in Whonnock >>>

Ruskin and Webster’s Corner

These two neighborhoods are the southeast section of the city. An abundance of historical sites, private farms, orchards, trails, and parks make up these neighborhoods. 

View homes for sale in Webster's Corner >>>


Haney is considered the hub of Maple Ridge. It is the historic district, but it is also the home of the best entertainment, dining, and shopping that Maple Ridge has to offer. Everything is essentially within walking distance in Maple Ridge’s downtown core.


Yennadon is the home of Golden Ears Park and Alouette Lake. It is located just north of the town centre, but it is the primary community for those who love outdoor adventures. Many of those who live there own farmland. 

Silver Valley

Silver Valley is a growing neighborhood east of Yennadon, which is also a hub for the outdoors-lover. It also offers access to trails, parks, and nature. 

View homes for sale in Silver Valley >>> 

Amenities in Maple Ridge 

The local hospital in Maple Ridge is the Ridge Meadows Hospital, which is a 24-7 care facility that offers emergency, surgery services, maternity services, and more. 

Maple Ridge Amenities

Ridge Meadows Hospital enacted a rapid access clinic, which allows for patients to receive assessments in outpatient rather than the ER in 2016. 

TransLink provides public transit in Maple Ridge, but other options to get around, and get to Vancouver include Greyhound, Skytrain, West Coast Express. and Taxis. Translink offers the ability to get to and around the lower mainland through the Coquitlam station. 

The nearest airport to Maple Ridge is the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport, but the closest international airport is Abbotsford International, located 46km away. The Vancouver International Airport is 55km away, with the Vancouver Water Harbour Airport 46km away. The Langley Regional Airport is 28km away from Maple Ridge. 

Maple Ridge Nature

Maple Ridge is surrounded by nature, and with that comes the abundance of wildlife. WildSafeBC launched as a result of a partnership between Ridge Meadows Recycling and the City. It is a program that is meant to reduce the interaction and conflict between humans and wildlife. Through education and innovation, the program has been wildly successful, particularly in protecting against Black Bears and Grizzly Bears. 

The city of Maple Ridge even has an app! It allows you to access the most critical aspects of their website, news, the community calendar, and receive alerts for emergencies and road issues, such as accidents and construction. It further offers the ability to submit a request to have service completed if residents see problems in the city. 


Maple Ridge is located in a prime location for many education options. In Maple Ridge, there are 17 elementary schools, 5 High Schools and about 14,000 students being taken care of by School District #42. The School District offers many Continuing Education options for those looking for adult education or to complete high school or language education. 

Maple Ridge Education

In Maple Ridge, there are two post-secondary institutions: Ridge Meadows College and Sprott Shaw College. Due to the excellent location of the city, many other options are just a commute away. 

Vancouver and the lower mainland offers many post-secondary education institutions for Maple Ridge residents to attend, including some that are critically acclaimed: BCIT, Capilano University, City University, Douglas College, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Kwantlen Polytechnic, Langara College, Simon Fraser University, Trinity Western University, University of British Columbia, University of the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Community College. 

Things to Do In Maple Ridge

The most popular Maple Ridge destination is Golden Ears Provincial Park. Rated #1 on Tripadvisor, the views, Alouette Lake (which is #2 on the list), hikes, and the overall experience take the cake for the best thing to do in the city. Many visitors consider this destination an item that should be crossed off the old bucket list.

Golden Ears Provincial Park

The ACT Arts Centre ranks #4 on the list. Located in Hanley, this venue offers it all, including art classes, dance classes, concerts, family events, comedy nights, art galleries, and more. 

Whonnock Lake ranks #8 on the list because it offers so much to those who visit, such as swimming, fishing, a play area for kids, a beach, and the ability to use a non-motorized watercraft.

The Malcolm Knapp Research Forest is the UBC’s facility for research, education, and demonstration. It ranks #9 on the best things to do in Maple Ridge. These lands are being monitored heavily to protect the natural habitat and those living in it. There are also many trails and pathways open to the public in this area. 

Best Eats in Maple Ridge

In typical Maple Ridge fashion, the top 5 restaurants in the city are very diverse and highly recommended across many social media platforms and boast incredible reviews. 

Maple Ridge Restaurants

1. Big Feast

Big Feast Bistro is a massive supporter of local food, local partners, and almost their entire menu is gluten-free. Their menu is based on local, organic ingredients and sustainable practices. 

2. GM Restaurant

GM Restaurant is an Indian cuisine that is considered to be some of the best and most authentic in the whole lower mainland. They offer takeout and catering. 

3. Black Sheep Public House

The Black Sheep Public House is the neighborhood pub in Maple Ridge. Following a 2016 renovation, the pub can fit up to 200 people! They offer affordable food and drink specials.

4. Billy Miner Alehouse & Cafe

Named after “the Gentleman Bandit” Billy Miner, the restaurant provides an authentic alehouse environment. The alehouse offers the view of passing trains, authentic atmosphere, and exceptional cuisine. The cafe offers coffee, baked goods, and a relaxing, cozy location. 

5. Smile Thai Cuisine

The Smile Thai team brings over 20 years of experience in preparing traditional Thai cuisine. Based on the experience in Vancouver, Maple Ridge was chosen for the Thai restaurant that the owners were looking at creating. 

Across the Border

Maple Ridge is 41km from the Sumas border crossing. This border crossing is one of the less busy in the area and leads to Sumas, Washington. It’s about 2 hours and 45 minutes to go from Maple Ridge to Seattle. Many lower mainland residents go to the United States for shopping, NFL and MLB games, to visit the Space Needle, or to take in the natural beauty of Washington State. 

Lower Mainlanders can also continue down the coast, hitting California, Oregan, Nevada, or Arizona for a United States road trip. 

Summer Festivals and Events

Maple Ridge hosts a variety of summer events and festivals each year. Residents are allowed to plan and host their own special events, but the primary activities that are held annually are:

Adstock An Alternative music festival

This is a festival where everyone is welcome to showcase their talent and passion.

Emerald Pig’s Bard on the Bandstand

The Emerald Pig Theatrical Society encourages and promotes amateur theater in the Maple Ridge community. 

Canada Day Held at Memorial Peace Park

This Canada Day festival include theatrical performances, music, multicultural showcases, a community BBQ and more! There are plenty of volunteer opportunities to bring this amazing festival to life!

Maple Ridge Festivals

Caribbean Festival Food

 This festival gives way to entertainment, a Kid Zone, crafts, and a costume parade - all while suggesting their patrons keep it green. They recommend walking to the festival, carrying reusable beverage containers with free refills all day long. 

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Country Fest

Since 1901, the Country Fest is an award-winning, agriculturally-focused and family-friendly event that has free admission and several activities. Some of the attractions the Country Fest offers are the 4H show, live entertainment, midway amusement park, petting sheepdogs and farm animals, education on dairy, horse shows, and dance performances. There is even a pie-eating contest!

Haney Farmers Market Explicitly

This market was created to foster a sense of community. The Haney Farmers Market offers a place for residents to come together to support the local economy. Local bakers, farmers, creators, artists, distilleries, crafters and ranchers come together to create a little community of their own. 

National Indigenous Peoples Day Held at Memorial Peace Park

This festival offers traditional food, arts and crafts, live music, hoop dancing, and children’s drum group. They offer many more educational attractions that celebrate the indigenous people. 

Maple Ridge Concert Band Twilight Tuesdays

This free event is open to all Maple Ridge residents and it’s the best way to spend the summer nights in the lower mainland. The Maple Ridge Concert Band performs while the sun is setting over the bandstand. Residents are encouraged to bring a lawn chair and a blanket. 

To see all the events in Maple Ridge, visit

Maple Ridge: The Perfect Place to Call Home

Maple Ridge is located in one of the most sought-after parts of Canada. With plenty of amenities and rich history, Maple Ridge is a community people have access to everything they need while being close to Vancouver for everything else. Access to beautiful provincial parks, lakes, hiking and trails are right around the city.

Maple Ridge is further perfect for those who love the outdoors but also like the conveniences a city has to offer.

A short drive to the Canada-US border opens up a world of options for shopping, sight-seeing, professional sports, and other great things to do and see. The community of Maple Ridge focuses on building a close-knit community while celebrating everyone who lives there. With so much to do, there is a big focus on supporting local business and building a better Maple Ridge. 


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July 15, 2019

Revealed: The Best Neighbourhoods In Maple Ridge, BC

The Best Neighbourhoods In Maple Ridge, BC

Maple Ridge is a beautiful city located in British Columbia which is steeped in history and offers residents breathtaking views and quality living. A thriving and exciting downtown core combined with quiet and safe neighborhoods provides the best of both worlds for those who call it home. Wherever you choose to live in Maple Ridge, you will have access to plenty of amenities, great schools, and beautiful parks.

Use our list of the best neighbourhoods in Maple Ridge, BC to match your preferences and simplify your home search. 

Thornhill, Maple Ridge

Thornill, Maple Ridge

Thornhill is a nature lovers dream! This heavily forested area is mainly residential with a few farms scattered throughout. The area is quiet, scenic and beautiful all year long. 

The neighborhood is located along the south slope of Grant Hill which lends itself to stunning views. The draw for many potential buyers is the rural setting while remaining close to urban amenities.

Thornhill Real Estate: 

The houses in the Thornhill area are nestled among nature. Large, stately homes that boast character are complemented by the gorgeous greenery surrounding the neighborhood. 

Prices range from approximately $750,000 to well over $2 million dependant on location, size, and features of the home. 

Options range from townhouses and duplexes to properties with a substantial amount of land, as well as some farms.  

Developments such as the Grant Hills Estates offer residents luxury style living with untouched forest views and premium features and amenities. 

Thornhill Schools:

School District 42 serves the students and families of Maple Ridge, B.C. In the city, there are 18 Elementary Schools and 5 High Schools to be attended. 

Schools closest to the area of Thornhill are:

What’s Nearby:

For those who want to take full advantage of the natural forestry around them, there is a large network of trails, mainly accessible off 256th street, that provide stunning walking, hiking, and riding trails. 

During the summer months, residents have easy access to Whonnock Lake where they can cool off at the beach, enjoy a picnic or spend time in the vast greenspace. 

Need some retail therapy? Roughly 10 minutes from the area is Valley Fair Mall which offers retail and service options. 


Heading downtown Maple Ridge is roughly a 10 km trek via Lougheed Highway, making travel for work or pleasure no problem. 

Travel to cities nearby:

Langley, B.C. - 29.3 kms via 200 St (40 minutes)

Coquitlam, B.C. - 27.6 kms via Lougheed Hwy/BC-7 E (36 minutes)

Surrey, B.C. - 34.7 kms via Golden Ears Way (42 minutes)

Vancouver, B.C. - 54.1 kms via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E (1 hour 3 minutes)



Silver Valley, Maple Ridge

Silver Valley, Maple Ridge

Located along the north side of the Alouette River, Silver Valley is a thriving and beautiful community that offers residents a getaway feel while remaining close to downtown Maple Ridge. 

Silver Valley Real Estate: 

There is a large portion of Silver Valley that remains undeveloped, as such there is an increase in new homes being built in the area. Buyers have a choice between an older home with charm and character, or a newer build. 

Homes in the Silver Valley neighbourhood range in price from $400,00 to over 1 million dollars depending on house size and features. 

Silver Valley Schools:

School District 42 serves the students and families of Maple Ridge, B.C. In the city, there are 18 Elementary Schools and 5 High Schools to be attended. 

For the families that live in the Silver Valley area, the closest schools are:

Among other schools in the area, those seeking alternative education can choose to attend Maple Ridge Christian School. 

What’s Nearby:

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the large network for trails that are to be enjoyed by residents of the area. Whether walking, hiking or biking, these beautiful trails connect one with nature. 

Families will be happy to have a number of neighbourhood parks in the area with play equipment. Nearby parks include:

  • Birch Park
  • Deer Fern Park
  • Cedar Park
  • Maple Ridge Park

For those who prefer to spend their free time indoors, Haney Place Mall is only minutes from the Silver Valley area and has a large variety of retail stores and dining options. 


One of the benefits of living in Silver Valley is the proximity to downtown Maple Ridge. Only 10 minutes, or 5.5 km’s, commute for those who work in the downtown area. 

Commutes to neighbouring cities:

Langley, B.C. - 23.8 kms via 200 St and Golden Ears Way (29 minutes)

Coquitlam, B.C. - 24.6 kms via Lougheed Hwy/BC-7 E (31 minutes)

Surrey, B.C. - 29.2 kms via Golden Ears Way (30 minutes)

Vancouver, B.C. - 48.2 kms via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E (52 minutes)



Albion, Maple Ridge

Albion, Maple Ridge

The historic community of Albion is situated along the Fraser River and has seen a large amount of growth over the last number of years. At one time mainly rural, Albion has developed into a notable area of Maple Ridge. Not having forgotten the past, the area still has many historic sites and buildings throughout. 

Albion Real Estate:

Albion is considered a rather affordable area of Maple Ridge, and with plenty of newly built developments, many young families and professionals are choosing to call the area home. 

Prices can still hit well over a million to two million dollars, however, there are a number of homes that are closer to the $500,000 - $700,000 range

Albion Schools:

School District 42 serves the students and families of Maple Ridge, B.C. In the city, there are 18 Elementary Schools and 5 High Schools to be attended. 

Schools closest to the community of Albion:

What’s Nearby:

Albion Fairgrounds is home to a number of festivals and events throughout the year such as Country Fest and Caribbean Fest. Along with the number of events, the fairgrounds has sports fields, an ice rink and a dog park for residents to take advantage of. 

Albion Park is also right next door and offers a ton of open green space as well as plenty of forestries. 

Due to its prime location to Fraser River, spending the day on the water is a well-loved pastime of those living in the area. Boating, kayaking, and canoeing are all great ways to enjoy the water. 

Albion is just minutes from prime shopping locations such as Hanley Place Mall, Valley Fair Mall, Maple Ridge Square, and Westgate shopping center. 

Dining and entertainment options are also close by in downtown Maple Ridge. 


Needing to venture to the downtown core of Maple Ridge? You are a short 7-minute drive via Lougheed Highway to get to all the amenities the downtown has to offer, or work for commuters. 

Major cities in the area:

Langley, B.C. - 23.6 kms via 200 St (27 minutes)

Coquitlam, B.C. - 21.9 kms via Lougheed Hwy/BC-7 E (24 minutes)

Surrey, B.C. - 29  kms via Golden Ears Way (30 minutes)

Vancouver, B.C. - 48.5 kms via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E (49 minutes)



Cottonwood, Maple Ridge

Cottonwood, Maple Ridge

The charming neighbourhood of Cottonwood is the perfect blend of older homes and new builds drawing those of all different walks of life. The area is a bedroom community for those travelling to work in downtown Maple Ridge as well as neighbouring cities. Single family dwellings as well as multi units are available making the area perfect for families and singles alike. 

Cottonwood Real Estate:

There is a healthy mix of homes available in Cottonwood from newly built townhouses to single-family homes

There is a wide range when it comes to pricing in the Cottonwood area. Homes list anywhere from $600,000 to 1 million+. This large gap allows for those with all sorts of budgets to consider Cottonwood for their next purchase. 

Cottonwood Schools:

School District 42 serves the students and families of Maple Ridge, B.C. In the city, there are 18 Elementary Schools and 5 High Schools to be attended. 

Schools in the Cottonwood area:

What’s Nearby:

There are a ton of great amenities right within the Cottonwood area to make life a little easier on its residents. From stores to dining, everything one would need is within minutes. 

Telosky Stadium and Thomas Haney park are located within Cottonwood and provide a place for youth sports and activities. There is also Rieboldt Park and Alexander Robinson Park within minutes of Cottonwood.

Being situated so close to the Fraser River is a bonus as there are many water sports and activities to enjoy. Boating, fishing, and kayaking are just a few activities residents of the area take part in. These activities can also be enjoyed on the Kanaka Creek that flows near Cottonwood as well. 

Outdoor lovers will enjoy the hiking, biking, and riding provided by the beautiful Trans Canada Trail that runs through the Cottonwood area. 

Shopping trips are a breeze as Cottonwood is less than 10 minutes from retail locations such as Valley Fair Mall, Maple Ridge Square and Haney Place Mall

Looking to support local growers and artisans? Check out the Haney Farmers market located just 5 minutes from Cottonwood. 


A large advantage for those living in Cottonwood is the proximity to the downtown core of Maple Ridge. Falling just 2 kilometers west, downtown Maple Ridge is full of retail, dining and entertainment options. Many who work in the downtown area are drawn to Cottonwood as their commute time is extremely short. 

Commute to larger cities from Cottonwood:

Langley, B.C. - 21.1 kms via 200 St (25 minutes)

Coquitlam, B.C. - 19.3 kms via Lougheed Hwy/BC-7 E (23 minutes)

Surrey, B.C. - 26.5  kms via Golden Ears Way (28 minutes)

Vancouver, B.C. - 45.9 kms via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E (47 minutes)



Webster’s Corners, Maple Ridge

Webster's Corner, Maple Ridge

Webster’s Corners is the perfect area of those looking for a small tight knit community feel while remaining close to amenities and conveniences of city life. This historic area is rich with history and proudly showcase it with a number of heritage sites and buildings. Families are drawn to the safe, quiet streets and great schools in the neighbourhood, where professionals are attracted to the short commute and peaceful living. 

Webster's Corner Real Estate:

There are a number of large, single-family homes in the area which vary in price dependant on lot size, features, and amenities. A large portion of the homes in Webster’s Corners are above a million dollars, however, there are some that hover closer to the $700,000 - $800,000 range

Due to its community-like feel, Websters Corners has become an increasingly desirable neighbourhood for families to settle into. 

Webster's Corner Schools:

School District 42 serves the students and families of Maple Ridge, B.C. In the city there are 18 Elementary Schools and 5 High Schools to be attended. 

Schools serving the Webster’s Corners area:

What’s Nearby:

Just minutes from Webster’s Corners is Kanaka Creek Regional Park which boasts 400 hectares of scenic wilderness along a 12 kilometer stretch of Kanaka Creek. The park offers walking, biking and riding trails along with fishing, wildlife views and canoeing. 

Cliff Park and Falls is also in the area and is an access point to the waterfall on Kanaka Creek. Along with the trails, Cliff Park offers sports fields such as baseball diamonds and soccer fields. 

Whether you are spending the day shopping or just running quick errands, Webster’s Corners is just minutes from retail locations such as Valley Fair Mall, Hanley Place or Westgate Shopping Center. 


Webster’s Corners is an ideal location for working professionals who are required to commute to work. Heading into downtown Maple Ridge is a short 6.3 kilometers, or 9-minute drive via Dewdney Trunk Road. 

Travel time to nearby cities:

Langley, B.C. - 27.3 kms via 200 St and Golden Ears Way (32 minutes)

Coquitlam, B.C. - 25.1 kms via Lougheed Hwy/BC-7 E (29 minutes)

Surrey, B.C. - 32.7  kms via Golden Ears Way (33 minutes)

Vancouver, B.C. - 51.7 kms via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E (52 minutes)



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