5 Perks of Buying Home With A Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can be used for a number of things other than a way to cool off on those scorching hot summer days. There are also a variety of pools on the market- in-ground, above-ground, saltwater, chlorine and more. If you and your family love the water and want to buy a home with a pool but aren’t quite sure, here are 5 perks of buying a home with a swimming pool. 

Reduces Stress

There are a number of reasons having a pool can reduce one's stress levels and one of those main factors include exercise. Exercise produces the feel-good hormone known as endorphins and serotonin. Going to the gym or running a short or long distance can feel like a lot of work. It also takes time out of our day to get ready and head out to the gym. When there is a heat warning, going out for a run may not be the best plan. However, changing into a bathing suit and walking out your back door to a pool is a hassle-free way of exercising; plus you can stay cool!

People who live with anxiety and depression can benefit from getting their whole body moving, and that is exactly what swimming does. Going for a swim is a proven way to get the whole body and cardiovascular system working. 

Better Sleep For The Children

Parents know just how important it is to get the kiddos to bed, not just for their health and wellbeing but for yours. Parents need time to unwind and have some time for themselves to watch tv, do yoga, paint their nails, and maybe enjoy a nice glass of wine. Bedtime doesn’t always come easy. Children argue and make excuses as to why they need to stay awake, and it is especially hard during summer vacation. Kids want to enjoy the weather just as much as adults and it doesn’t help that it stays nice and bright later during the summer months. 

Living in a home with a pool allows children to use up a ton of their energy with exercise and playing around. Being outdoors and in the sun alone makes us more tired in general, add exercise in and the kiddos will be ready for bed at a decent time every night; it's a win-win. Also, well-rested kids tend to give less attitude and are more likely to enjoy their day so having a pool to utilize is doing them a favour.

Social Life

Having a house with a pool allows for a great spot to host summer parties. Birthday parties, family fun days, exercise groups and a spot for a girl’s day are just a few ideas for summer fun. Spending an afternoon in the water and enjoying a tasty bbq dinner afterwards sounds like the perfect Saturday. Pool days aren’t just for the weekends either; organizing that exercise group for the weekdays leaves people having a more active social life than a teenager! The opportunities to socialize and be involved with the community around you are endless when you have a pool to offer. 

5 Perks of Buying Home With A Swimming Pool

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Quality Family Time 

It is so easy for children of all ages to spend their time indoors locked away in their rooms on their computers, tablets, phones and gaming systems. They often find themselves bored so turn to these technology devices for entertainment. Everyone is in the same house, but are you spending quality time together when all of our heads are down on our devices?

When you have a home with a pool the whole family can be out there enjoying themselves, spending quality time together and making memories. Parents can assign every other Tuesday evening for the family to be out in the pool playing games or even exercising. More ideas can include having one Sunday a month dedicated to family time which will include the pool and a tasty BBQ dinner. The ideas for family fun are endless when you have a pool. 

Beat the Heat

The most obvious perk to owning a home with a pool is so everyone can beat the heat during the summer months. Depending on where you live, you may have some toasty summer days! From Maple Ridge, BC to Toronto, Ontario - summer’s in Canada can bring the heat! 

Having a pool saves time, energy and money; especially for those who have kiddos. Think about how much packing and planning goes into a trip to the beach or public pool. There’s snacks, drinks, change of clothes, towels, sunscreen and so much more. You still need these items but this way they are just a hop, skip and a jump away. 

Some cities and towns offer their community an outdoor pool or two but charge admission. Now, on top of the packing and planning you would do as if you were going to the beach, members of the community will need to bring cash to enjoy the pool and cool down. With gas and admission to places such as a beach and a pool, whether it be local or a distance adds up. With the savings of those summer trips to the choice of water, having a pool in your own backyard may be more attainable. 

After all the packing and planning that goes into day trips to the beach just to cool down, it isn’t worth only going for 30-60 minutes. Because of this people commit to staying the whole day, even if they aren’t in the water the entire time. This kind of defeats the purpose of using the water as a way to cool down but some people may only like being in the water for a shorter period of time. This is another reason having a pool in the backyard is a convenient way to beat the heat. Members of the family can take a quick dip to cool down or decide to stay in for a couple of hours. 

There are a number of perks to owning a house with a pool such as having a way to exercise even on days it may otherwise not happen. More perks include socializing, spending more time with family and beating the heat. Whether you will use the pool every day or a few days a week, the perks will be there to take advantage of. Enjoy the water!