Best Elementary Schools in Maple Ridge BC

Elementary Schools in Maple Ridge, BC

Deciding where your child receives their education is an important choice for many parents. Education lays the foundation for the future, preparing children for professional and personal achievements. 

Maple Ridge is a fairly large city located in the lower mainland of breathtaking British Columbia. Maple Ridge is located North East of the province's largest city, Vancouver, and is within the boundaries of the Greater Vancouver Area. Those who choose to purchase a home in Maple Ridge benefit from the perfect blend of natural scenery and modern amenities. These features make the city of Maple Ridge a great place to raise a family. To better understand where your kids can obtain their education, take a look at some of the best elementary schools in Maple Ridge, BC.

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1. Blue Mountain Elementary School

12153 248th Street Maple Ridge B

Blue Mountain Elementary School Maple Ridge BC

Blue Mountain Elementary is located next to Garibaldi Secondary School in Maple Ridge, BC.  The school sits on an open piece of property in a rural area.  Blue Mountain Elementary has 15 classrooms, library, gym, and an inspiration lab to supports students who require short breaks.

The staff at Blue Mountain Elementary are committed to providing their students with an excellent education as well as equipping them to become productive members of society and good people. The school works with families to ensure the best education program. There is a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) that assists staff and students. The Parent Advisory Council supports the school with time and money so the latest resources are available to the students.

There are a variety of after school programs that are both fun and educational.  The programs include activities such as yoga, art, “I am awesome” a wild and immersive outdoors program. These programs typically run for duration of 4-6 weeks.

The School has been part of the Maple Ridge Community since the early 1960s.  They have been in their current location for approximately 15 years. 

2. Yennadon Elementary School

23347 128 Ave, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 4R9

Yennadon Elementary School Maple Ridge BC

Yennadon Elementary School is one of the largest schools in the district with approximately 570 students.  The school has implemented a “pod” model.  This model consists of four classrooms that are built around a common area where students work.  There are computers at each common area for the students to utilize. The ages in each pod differ as to bring connections with each other. This provides a mentorship and teaching opportunities for the older students while helping the younger students with a sense of belonging.  Yennadon Elementary School is a place where they focus on the whole child. 

There are a variety of athletic programs that are offered to the students.  Students are supported to find and explore their passions and strengths through academics and social programs. The school encourages all members to conduct themselves in a way that shows Respect, Fairness, Responsibility, Honesty and Compassion.

Yennadon Elementary is one of the three Apple Distinguished Schools in British Columbia.  Each student in grade six and seven is provided with an iPad to use at school and take home with them.  Students in these grades are also offered the opportunity to participate in Cyberschool.  Students interact with peers and their teachers through the Internet.

3. Golden Ears Elementary School

23124 118th Ave Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 2N1

Golden Ears Elementary School Maple Ridge BC

At Golden Ears Elementary, the students are encouraged to be positive and respectful in all areas of the school.  The students are taught social problem solving skills through “WITS” (Walk Away, Ignore, Talk About It, Seek Help), character education and enforces a “Hands Off Policy”.  The school's motto is: “Take care of yourself…Take care of others…Take care of the school!”  Golden Ears Elementary prides themselves on their wonderful Fine Arts Programming.  Students are able to discover the love of music, drama, dance, and musical theatre. 

4. Laity View Elementary

21023 123 Ave, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 4B5

Laity View Elementary School Maple Ridge BC

Laity View Elementary School is a French Immersion school from Kindergarten to Grade 7.  The school has been in operation since 1979.  The land was purchased over 100 years ago by John Laity.  The land was developed for agricultural purposes, and the school is surrounded by farmland on one side and Volker Park on the other.  The school follows a code of conduct, which is to take care of yourself, take care of and respects others, take care of our school and community and take off and respect our environment.  The mission of the school is that all students are meeting their full potential in personal, academic and social areas in an environment that is safe and caring. They also have the goal that students have a sense of responsibility for themselves, others and for the community.

The school offers many after school programs. BRICKS4KIDZ is open to students in Grade 1 -7. This program allows kids to discover the wonders of space. They explore Kennedy Space Centre’s Launch Complex 39, and take a trip to the International Space Station.  They also offer a Glee Club where the children learn and make music together.  Participants will have the opportunity to sing in a group, perform a solo, and perform in the community.  The Glee club boosts confidence and self esteem and allows connections with their peers.  The last program that is offered is Home Alone.  This course is for parents and their 9 year old child.  This is a great course for parents to receive information and gain skills for their 10 year old child about being safe and making good choices when home alone.

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5. Whonnock Elementary

27471 112th avenue Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1P9

Whonnock Elementary School Maple Ridge BC

The school runs on a code of conduct.  The code of conduct is in place to ensure that the school maintains a safe, caring and orderly environment for students to learn and grow.  The purpose the Whonnock Elementary Code of Conduct is to encourage responsible behaviour, to cultivate a safe, respectful and welcoming learning environment, and to have transparent expectations of the student’s behaviour. The code of conduct implies to all members of the school community. 

There are two after school programs that are offered.  The first one is for students Grade 3-7.  It is a wild and immersive outdoor program which is provided in partnership with the University of British Columbia and offers a nature focused education experience.  Each session will have unique hands on theme.  The second program offered is Emerald Roots.  This program is for students in grades 1-7.  Emerald Roots explore holistic nutrition and healthy living.  Prepare to grow your own food, make delicious snacks and practice ways to sustainable living to protect the earth!

6. Meadow Montessori Elementary School

11391 Dartford St, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 1V6

Meadow Montessori Elementary School

The school is a non-profit Independent school offering classes for kids Pre-K – Grade 7.  It is accredited by the Ministry of Education under the Independent Schools Act. Meadow Montessori School believes that all students are leaders and are to lead by example.  Leaders are shown by how they interact with their teacher, peers and families.  At the core, it is understood that learning and growing does not end when their formal education stops.  Learning and developing new skills should be something that continues throughout their lifetime.

Inclusion and collaboration is encouraged, so that all members of the school may be opened minded and appreciative of different ideas.  Celebrating diversity, which include those of culture, race, ethnicity, religion, age, family structure, sex and sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomics, learning style and worldview are some of the difference that create their rich environment.  Meadow Montessori wants all interactions with their community to be met with respect, justice, humanity, equity, peace, and personal responsibility.  Teaching and modeling these principles and values will help equip the students to be exceptional leaders and citizens.

The Montessori education is different from the traditional modern approach.  The method is designed to address the needs of each individual child according to their stage of development.  By responding to the children’s interest and readiness, students will learn at a faster pace with excitement and determination.

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7. Kanaka Creek Elementary School

11120 234A Street, Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1C8

Kanaka Creek Elementary School

Kanaka Creek Elementary has established their code of conduct to ensure a safe, caring and orderly environment exists at their school.  The school’s goal is that students develop socially responsible behaviour and the learning environment is one that is safe and welcoming.  The children are expected to problem solve by using WITS. Walk Away – avoid problems before their have a chance to develop. Ignore – diffuse situations before they have a chance to escalate. Talk It Out - communicate how others’ behaviour is making them feel and asking them to stop.  Seek Help – Seeking out an adult at any stage.

Kanaka Creek has developed a Me to We program.  The program is designed to help students look beyond themselves to the outside world and take action to make it better. Each year the students make a goal to send money and suitcases of teddy bears, soccer balls and school supplies to different countries.  The goal is to help build schools and better the lives of children.

8. Glenwood Elementary School

21410 Glenwood Ave, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3P6

Glenwood Elementary School Maple Ridge BC

Working together to create a safe, caring and welcoming environment is the mission of Glenwood Elementary.  Providing students with choice in their learning and creating a positive and caring culture is the school's goal. Glenwood use the ROAR concept - Respect, Open Mind, Awesome Attitude and Responsibility.

There are several after school programs that are offered by the school.  BRICKS4KIDZ is offered to those in Grade 1-7.  Students will go on an adventure to a Mission 2 Space including a visit to the International Space Station.  Morning Movement is a morning breakfast recreation program for the students at Glenwood.  The students start the day by moving with body and receiving a healthy breakfast before their day begins.  This is offered to students in Kindergarten through Grade 7. The program teaches children the fundamental movement skills through play.

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